Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easter Island in Chile

Easter Island is an island belonging to Chile is located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Although the distance is 3515 km west of mainland Chile.
Easter Island is shaped like a triangle. Nearest land is uninhabited Pitcairn Island is a distance of 2075 km west. Easter Island wide by 163.6 km ². According to the 2002 census, the population numbered 3791 souls majority settled in the capital of Hanga Roa. The island is famous for its many statues (moai), 400-year-old statue carved from stone which now lies along the coastline.

Expert navigation Dutchman Jakob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island on Easter Sunday in 1722. Please note that the name "Rapa Nui" Easter Island is not the original name given by the tribe Rapanui. The name was coined by labor immigrants from Rapa in the original tribal Bass Islands, who equate it with his hometown. Rapanui tribal name given to this island is Te Pito o te henua ("Puser World") because of remoteness, but the address is also taken from another location, possibly from a building in the Marquesas

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