Tuesday, July 26, 2011

found a large hole in Antarctica

there is a strange story that happened in Antarctica, the news was big enough hole is found in Antarctica.
The position of the hole is 66 33 '11:58' S, 99 50 '17.86 "E. Is it the hole made by human hands, or just a hole created by the ferocity of nature Antarctica?

Photo below is a photograph taken on February 23, 2006 compared with photos taken afterwards.
On February 23, 2006 photo, the hole does not exist or covered by snow. But the following days when the snow knocked out, there it a huge hole.
Been long outstanding issue that the American military has a secret base in Antarctica. Even the Nazis had also reportedly set up his headquarters at the site. But no one is sure the truth.

Although the form of the hole was indeed attract attention, I think the hole was not necessarily made by human hands.
Is not Nature also good at making beautiful caves?
he is the picture

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